Construction EPC

Kheops Developments implements EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) and EPCM (Engineering Procurement & Construction Management) contracts for projects in the construction industry as well as industrial engineering.

The main objective of these contracts is to organize and allocate among the various stakeholders involved in the project each of the tasks required in the project implementation: identification of the partners, studies, execution of works, procurement, delivery, etc.

In the EPC configuration, the Contracting Authority or Delegated Contracting Authority shall provide Kheops Developments with the technical and functional specifications of the project, and Kheops Developments shall be responsible for carrying out all tasks (Engineering Procurement and Construction, etc.) to deliver the project in an operational state for the benefit its client.

Kheops Developments, as an EPC turnkey contractor, takes care of the entire project, the installation, the necessary materials then the realization either directly or in sub-contracting part of the work and is responsible for the project.

In the EPCM configuration, Kheops Developments undertakes to provide various services such as:

  • Project studies and design,
  • Project management and representation of the Contracting Authority or the Delegated Contracting Authority at the various stages of the project cycle (invitations to tender, breakdown of the project into several lots, etc.),
  • Monitoring the supply of materials on site,
  • Management of all documents for the smooth running of the site,
  • Assistance to the Contracting Authority or Delegated Contracting Authority in the reception of the various components of works, so that it can obtain a complete and functional work in accordance with good engineering practice and requirements.
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