We carry out early studies prior to project construction and operating authorizations (infrastructure projects, renewable energy, conventional energy, mines and metal projects, industrial projects). Manage and ensure all phases of project development from the project origination phase to the financial close.

Kheops Developments is led by a team of skilled and recognized professionals with expertise in project development and leading large industrial projects. Our team is composed of managers, project managers, experts, engineers, cartographers, technicians and study designers.

Our rigorous methodological approach and our network of international technical and financial partners help to make Kheops Developments a major and reliable player in the development of multi-sectoral projects.

Once approved, the project enters the financing and then construction phase. All these phases are led by Kheops Developments expertise.

Prospecting and prefeasibility:

Identification and selection of favorable sites and lands for the project, proposals and tendering, direct contact with landowners or operators, local authorities, government authorities, etc.

Project design and development:

Negotiation of co-development conditions with potential local developers, negotiation and land acquisition, technical feasibility studies, environmental and social impact assessments, topographical studies, geotechnical studies, grid studies, connection studies, etc.

Contract elaboration:

Shareholders’ agreements, concession contracts, purchase contracts (PPA), other types of contracts necessary for the operation phase.

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