Our Values

The involvement of Kheops Developments is in strict compliance with its core values that are essential for a high-quality work for its partner clients. These core values include:

Professionalism: expertise and experience

We believe that human resources and the management of both, individual and collective intelligence represent for an organization like Kheops Developments a key differentiating factor, essential for the creation of sustainable competitive advantages.

We rely on strong theoretical basis, great methodological rigor and the desire to validate our modes of intervention by confronting them “on the ground reality”.

Our continuous search for innovation is the result of our teams experience and our monitoring activity.


Kheops Developments strongly believes that any project requires a great deal of creativity from all stakeholders, because each situation is unique and must be analyzed with a very open mind and a questioning of the paradigms in force. To do this, we are committed to developing innovative methods and tools to anticipate the evolution of various markets and projects for our partner clients.

Drive for results: performance

Our major concern is to bring real added value to our customers, in particular by a supporting effort in the implementation of jointly developed solutions. We are involved in its entire “value chain”.

Kheops Developments drives a vision and strategic positioning with substantial objectives, while integrating the realities of the ground. This is done through a customized service that ensures the involvement and the continuity in the customer relationship to adapt the service provided to the customer’s needs.

We take care to anticipate the needs of our customers and to come-up with new ideas. We accept only those interventions for which we sincerely believe to be useful to the customer and to provide a real added value. Wherever possible, we put in place indicators to measure the effectiveness, the effect produced and the result of the intervention and thus develop a co-responsibility relationship with our partner clients.


When they trust Kheops Developments, our customers are assured that all our stakeholders will be informed only of information useful for the execution of their mission and that all information they will have knowledge will be treated with the constant concern of confidentiality preservation.


Before making a service offer, we ensure a good understanding of the client’s needs. We also make sure to have the necessary resources and skills required to complete the mission, in order to deliver a very high-quality product and not mislead the customer.

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