Kheops Developments provides financing solutions for your projects in the construction, energy and infrastructure sectors.

Public Private Partnership project structuration (Build Own Operate and Transfer / Build Own Operate / Engineering Procurement Construction + Finance / Engineering Procurement Construction)

  • Prospection, projects identification,
  • Technical and financial feasibility studies,
  • Creation of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

Investment structuration:

  • Capital Expenditure,
  • Operating Expenditure

Financial structuration:

  • Equity,
  • Grants,
  • Debts and debts structuration,
  • Negotiation of guarantee and guarantee structuration, …

Business Plan elaboration, including hypothesis associated with the project as well as regulatory framework and tax conditions,

Financial closing consisting of the preparation of bank documents such as:

  • Concession contracts,
  • Purchase contracts (PPA),
  • Developers’ profile
  • Business plan and financial model,
  • Project implementation schedule with a detailed development and construction budget,
  • Land permits, and building and operating permits,
  • Necessary permits.

Due diligence:

  • Due diligence on the project,
  • Due diligence on developers and key individual stakeholders,
  • Due diligence on contracts negotiated and signed.

Debt agreements.

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